NLP Workshop: the working of emotions

“emotions are such a hindrance”
“I prefer to just ignore emotions”
“emotions overwhelm me”

Does this sound familiar?

A different perspective on emotions

If this sounds familiar then this workshop is for you! During this workshop you are taught a different way of looking at your emotions, namely through the lens of NLP. We all experience emotions. How you see them, what you think of them and how you deal with them is different for everybody. Your emotional mindset determines how you treat your emotions.


What can I expect?

  • You will be explained how emotions work and how they are created
  • You will investigate your own mindset about emotions and break the taboo surrounding emotions
  • You will learn how to change your experience of negative emotions
  • You will learn a practical technique how to feel good

Practical information

  • Date: Saturday 17th July
  • Time: 13:30 – 16:30
  • Price: €20,-
  • Location: De Zevende Hemel, The Hague
  • Workshop will be given conform the applicable covid rules

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For who is the workshop?
Whether old or young, we ALL have emotions. So, this workshop is for anyone! As a human being learning never stops. Learning how to handle your emotions is an important part of your personal growth and development.

 What others say about the workshop:

Nice experience. I gained completely new insights that I can certainly apply. Clear explanation, exercises very pleasant. Love the use of humour!

Workshop participant June 23rd (The Hague)

Interesting, nice introduction to NLP. Trainers were very accessible and provided a clear explanation and the necessary safety. You also notice that they have expertise in this matter. Fancy more!

Workshop participant January 5th (Blaasveld)

Fascinating. Also confrontational. Good and easy pace.

Workshop participant December 22nd (Blaasveld)

Insight into the functioning of the brain from the NLP point of view. Some very useful exercises to use with myself when experiencing a flood of emotions, as well as applicable in my coaching practice. Thanks!

Workshop participant January 5th (Blaasveld)

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