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My role as Coach

“The task of the capital “C” Coach is to provide the necessary support and “guardianship” which help clients to successfully develop, grow and evolve at all levels of learning and change.” (Robert Dilts, NLP developer and trainer)

As an NLP Coach I see my role as such. On the path to self-discovery and healing I assist you with that which presents itself to you and help you overcome the obstacles that you encounter.

The Coaching process

Unlike traditional talk therapy, NLP is a solution-based approach.

Step 1: We first discuss what it is that is asking your attention and follow through with figuring out what it is what you wish instead. I help create an overview of your situation.

Step 2: Once it is clear what it is you desire, it becomes even more clear what is stopping you from achieving that. This is where the many NLP processes come to play to help you overcome the obstacles and blocks in your way.

Often times this includes inner child work and timeline based therapy.

Step 3: This is the evaluation phase. We evaluate where you are at in your process and look again at where you wish to be. You might decide that you are satisfied with your results or you could decide to continue with the Coaching process. More often than not, problems are layered, and once one problem is dealt with, the next one comes to the surface.

The Coaching sessions themselves can be done online or live at my home practice in Benthuizen (easily accessible by car from Gouda, Rotterdam, The Hague and Leiden). I also offer outdoor walking sessions in the nearby Bentwoud forest.

My core values




As the client, you are in control. I may suggest a certain direction, but it is you who determines what happens. For me, respecting your inner process and creating a safe and healing space are paramount. Confidentiality is an important part of that.


intake session of 30 minutes: free

1 hour session: €80,- (private incl. VAT,  business excl. VAT)

1,5 hour session: €120,- (private incl. VAT,  business excl. VAT)

You are spending money on self-care, to help improve your life, which is why I speak of an investment.

Is NLP Coaching for you?

The main difference with other more traditional modalities of helping is the core belief is that there is nothing wrong with you. I do not diagnose or label you with some form of disorder, nor do I presuppose to know you better than you know yourself.

The best way to discover whether NLP Coaching is right for you and whether I as Coach am a good fit is to do a free intake session. You get to meet me and have your questions answered. If you feel we are a good match, we will proceed to schedule our first Coaching session.

A little bit of background


Richard Post

Richard Post

NLP trainer, Coach and owner Novalife

Dutch by nationality, born in Liberia and having grown up in Morocco, the U.A.E. and Brazil I have an expat background. As a result I was raised bilingual (English and Dutch) and have experienced firsthand the rewards and pitfalls of such an international upbringing.

I enjoy helping others on their path of inner growth and healing. An important principle I adhere to is the concept of sponsorship. This entails recognizing and acknowledging the essence of the other, as well as seeing and supporting the possibilities and potential in others, allowing and giving space for the other to be as they are.

A listening ear, my intuition, my sensitive nature, my knowledge and my life experience are all tools I use in helping those I Coach. “NLP from the heart” is not only the motto for my trainings, it’s just as essential in the Coaching work I do.

With both my feet on the ground I also believe there is more between heaven and Earth. We are each born with a purpose and it is essential we are able to connect with this purpose to be able to fulfill our life’s mission. Coaching is one of the ways I help others find the answers that align with their authentic self.

Working with people has been the thread throughout my life. I am a certified NLP Master-Practitioner and trainer, academic coach-counsellor and outdoor walking coach.


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