How do you deal with emotions?

Do you allow them selectively?

Do you push them away?

Do they fit in your life at all?

These are some questions to get you thinking about your relationship with emotions.

Everyone has emotions.

And everyone handles them differently: fully allowing and expressing them, completely suppressing them, ignoring them and everything in between!

What you do with your emotions and how you think about your emotions also determines how they present themselves to you.

For example, think of an emotion that you really don’t want to have. It could be anger, sadness or fear.

Now imagine suppressing it, pushing it away.

Does that work? To a certain extent probably? Does that feel good? How long do you think you can keep it up?

Now if you think of a ball, maybe a basketball, and push it under water.

How long can you keep that up? Probably for a while, but eventually the ball shoots up, your arms tired form all the hard work. That also applies to emotions. Have you been pushing them away for too long? They always come back and often even stronger than before.

Experience shows that emotions want to be seen, heard, felt and accepted. Suppressing them for too long can cause all sorts of complications. From illness to even more emotions that you don’t want.

Is it time to change your approach? Have you been looking for a safe and contained way of dealing with your emotions? NLP offers a different approach to emotions.

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